The Waitangi Mountain Bike park is now OPEN! With over 20km of trails complete and a further 25km planned for development in the summer of 2016/17 the WMBP is an exciting new facility for the region. It is a 5 minute drive to the park entrance from our motel. Or, if you want you can cycle there.

The WMBP provides the perfect introduction to mountain biking with lots of scenic trails that you can take at your own pace. It offers 10 trails (with another 5 to open in the next few months) of varying difficulty with great flow and features, from introductory downhill riding, jump trails, cross country and beginner trails.

The trail network has grown rapidly over the past six months and the trails cater to all levels of ability. There are plenty of fast, flowing berms, rollers and jumps. Grade 2 and 3 runs are so well built; they’re still fun for more advanced riders.

The Waitangi Mountain Bike Park is a non-commercial community mountain bike park that has been built by the efforts of the community.

Every user is encouraged to register to ride by making a minimum annual donation of $25. This money will go towards trail maintenance and is vital for the sustainability of the Park. Donors will receive a map and two plastic tags. One tag is for your bike – very uncool to be seen without one – and a smaller one for your key ring to be flashed around town. Many businesses in the Bay of Islands have volunteered incentives to encourage bike riders to donate in this way. The key tag is their way of knowing who you are. The tag colour changes each year.
If you are coming up from Auckland, you might like to register, and that way you will really feel part of this lovely little community. 😎