When you book direct – you will get better information. That is what our website is for.

A lot of our bookings come via 3rd party OTA’s (Online Travel Agents – such as Booking.com).

They are not “us” they distribute our inventory, but they do not distribute our personality.

Some of the follow up phone calls we get AFTER – someone has booked via a 3rd party.

Q. Is there free parking?

A. Yes, all rooms have free undercover parking.

Q. How far are you from Auckland?

A. We are approximately, 3.5hrs drive north of Auckland.

HINT: If you are used to long straight roads at home – the distance of 265 km will take you longer to drive, than at home. Our roads are not straight, for most of the journey. 

Q. If I arrive after hours, can I get in?

A. Yes, always, we plan for late arrivals and keys and information will be left in your room, and most likely with a light on.

Q. Do you have views?

A. Yes, we have views – but we are not waterfront – very few properties in Paihia are, and you will pay more to stay in those properties. We have a mixture of water and rural views. I think, our sunsets over the hills, in front of your balconies, will make you feel a sense of peace. A glass of wine, or beer, or a beverage of your choice at the end of the day, watching the sun go down, is really special. 

Q. What else can you tell us about Paihia and the area?

A. A lot 🙂 – and if you use Facebook, have a look at Pearl of the Bay’s Facebook page, our philosophy and things that we are thinking
and sharing, are all on there. 

Thanks for reading our short Q&A blog. If you have any questions you can email Barbara: stay@pearlofthebay.nz 


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