We love all the activities available in Paihia and the Bay of Islands. There are so many too choose from.

However, what about some things to do that will not break the holiday budget. Whilst, enabling you to get a sense of fun, relaxation and bring back some childhood memories. Why is it we stop doing the simple things that give us pleasure? Well here in Paihia ~ and at Pearl of the Bay, we totally believe in the fact that small things can make a big difference.
So here is our top 10 list of things to do, in Paihia, on a budget.

  1. Sandcastles – build one, or build anything from sand. A dinosaur?
  2. Postcards – snail mail is still a thing – make someone’s day and send them a card – sit somewhere beautiful and write your message.
  3. Art – take a picture and then sketch it – or sit and sketch it for real – it doesn’t have to be perfect – but it will slow you down and make you relax. (the local $2 shop will sell sketch pads and pencils/pens at an affordable rate)
  4. Shells – collect some – make something with them – or my favorite is to paint them 🙂
  5. Rock pools – when was the last time you went looking for Starfish? Or…what else can you find. (please don’t bring back to your room..lol)
  6. Library visit – you can sit at Williams house inside or outside – browse a magazine and watch the world and the locals go by.
  7. Picnic – so many wonderful spots – ask us, we will give you a blanket and picnic box…you just fill it with your favorite things.
  8. Birds and Fauna – see how many different species you can find – I have seen Tuis and Doves today. (Doves are visiting – but are always here) Take a trail walk and snap the different fauna and then find a book on NZ and see if you can match what you saw.
  9. OP SHOP – or charity shop shopping – it is like treasure hunting without the digging but quite fun – and you are not going to blow the budget. Also, it is a form of recycling – if your bags are too heavy – drop some stuff off. Here in Paihia ALL proceeds raised go back into the town FOCUS of making it a better place for visitors and locals.
  10. People watching – in the nicest way. The wave seats in central Paihia next to Horotutu (our place) are a great place for an ice cream and YES to watch the world go by. You know – we are human beings, but for so many of us, it is more like human doings. Here, on your holiday in Paihia you can really allow yourself the luxury of taking a few minutes ( at least 15 ) to watch the world go by. 

We would love you to book into Pearl of the Bay, and consider all of the above. At the end of the day, it is about your whole experience and we believe time spent in the Bay of Islands, particularly Paihia, is a memory you will cherish, as much as those childhood memories.



Childhood memories and activities on a budget