Paihia is generally, a few degrees warmer than the rest of the country.
We are confident enough to give you the link, we use to check our weather:

We are also known to have 4 seasons in one day…so things can and do change.

Top 10 – but to be fair in no particular order 🙂

  1. The name PAIHIA – means very good here, or much good here.
    PAI = good
    HIA from e hia how much, or how many
    HERE – the English word (is also how the HIA may have come to be part of the name)
    The Maori language was phonetically written when the Europeans came here. So, I always tell my guests how to pronounce our town’s name, by saying think of “apple pie here”. Also, isn’t it wonderful to have a name that literally says, how good the destination is.  
    Wherever you are in Paihia there are wonderful views, once you leave the Pearl you can take a great beach walk into town, or you can walk the main path over the hill and down. Either way you will see the water peaking back at you.
    Which leads me on to our wonderful walks – there are so many great trails, and little picnic spots. For example, the trail walk from Paihia to Opua. I did that earlier this afternoon – see our Facebook page video. What I like about that one, is you can drop down onto small little beaches, and you will be the only one on it – unless of course you are a couple, or a family. It takes you through Mangroves, and lots of other exciting things.
    Yes, the people of Paihia are very friendly, caring and welcoming. We realise, perhaps more than a lot of tourist towns, how important YOU are to our community. So we do welcome you and we do care about you.
    This is the reason my favourite things are in no particular order. I would put this near the top of any of my favorite things. Well, for a small town we have 3 great ice cream parlors / vendors. Check out Cellinis, Movenpick and Letz cafe. To be honest they all do great flavours. My suggestion is a scoop from each place – that way no one will know you had 3 scoops…
    We are surrounded by it – not like old world European history, but certainly the history that is important to New Zealand. The Pearl is 4 mins away by car from Waitangi Treaty Grounds – I recommend all my guests to go there. A truly amazing place to visit. Then we are a ferry ride away from Russell, the old capital of New Zealand,  before the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. Another must do spot to see, and one that I recommend. Which leads me on to..
  7. TIME
    Yes – make sure you allow enough time to visit Paihia (remember it is very good here) and also the fact there is a lot to experience. However, it is also a place to slow down, relax just be and that is another reason why you need time. You see, you want TIME to do and TIME to do nothing. Both of which are very important. We are the Far North, our infrastructure is a bit slower in a good way, so you can leave behind some of the things that a hustle bustle destination provides. Traffic for one thing!! A jam to me is if there are 2 cars in front of me and 1 car behind.
    Where do I begin – well there is, as I have said a lot to see and do. Unless, you are visiting in PEAK season (first week of January) or thereabouts, we recommend not forward booking everything. Again, you want that flexibility to just be, to do or not to do. We do recommend, a boat trip or sailing trip, as we are the Bay of Islands. There are 144 islands in the bay, and on the water is the best way to get that experience. Again, there are lots of options. There is fishing, kayaking, diving, walking, biking, skydiving, parasailing, wine trails to follow, islands to explore, dolphins to swim with…so you see again that brings me back to TIME. Make sure, you plan enough.If your whole schedule is tight, give Paihia and the Bay at least 3 nights – you won’t regret it.
    We have a great variety and once again you need TIME to visit and partake at them.
  10. Air New Zealand Summer Safety Video
    Last summer Air New Zealand filmed their safety video here in the Bay. Everyone was so excited. IT was so good, that Air New Zealand have announced they are putting it on ALL their routes AGAIN this year. That is how PAI the Bay of Islands is.On a particular note – that opening shot – Rachel Hunter on that beach…we can see that from all our balconies here at Pearl of the Bay. When that guy stops for Mussel Fritters on that same beach, the motel is right there in the background. The people in a lot of that video – see number 4 , yes the friendly locals. SO, come and visit, book in at the Pearl and then you can write your top 10 things that you enjoyed most in the Bay of Islands.


Our top 10 favourite things – hard to narrow it down…