Do you know why Pearl of the Bay had a White Roof added in 2012?

White Roofs – a practical and proven method of climate change mitigation.

White roofs offer one of the fastest and lowest cost ways of helping reduce global warming by mimicking how the polar icecaps reflect sunlight back into space and cool the planet.

For thousands of years white roofs have been used for cooling buildings in Mediterranean and Middle East countries, and are used in many countries to increase energy efficiency of air conditioning, but now we also know they help cool the planet as well, and for these reasons the Obama Administration begun installing them on Federal buildings across the USA.

The reasons for the white roofs idea
• As we know our planet is getting hotter, the polar icecaps are melting, and around the world alpine glaciers are in retreat.

Extreme weather events as a result of global warming are taxing our economies our people, our ecosystems. Emissions reduction schemes are not yet working and we need to do something NOW.

Here in New Zealand, well-known businesses have used white roofs for many years to increase energy efficiency. Cooler roofs reduce electricity consumption of air conditioning, reduce power bills and reduce emissions. Sylvia Park Shopping Center, PAK’nSAVE supermarkets, many Fonterra processing stores, Mainfreight, Telecom, Auckland Airport, choose white or off-white roofs to manage heat loads. Buildings not having air conditioning also benefit by being cooler and more pleasant to inhabit in summer. But what is new is that we now know it also helps cool the planet.

The idea is backed by a depth of science research, proven and practical for both energy efficiency and cooling the planet.

How it works:

Sunlight falling on a flat white roof is significantly reflected and much of this passes back through the atmosphere into space, which is why we see lighter coloured areas appearing brighter on satellite photographs. But sunlight on a dark roof is mostly absorbed and converted into heat, which can’t pass back into space because it is absorbed by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The atmosphere is transparent to sunlight but opaque to heat and that is why a white roof helps cool the planet and a dark roof warms the planet.

🌎 We only have one planet, and Pearl of the Bay is active in making sure we are environmentally friendly.
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Why does a white roof help Global Warming